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Get qualified advice from an estate lawyer to help you navigate the legal complexities of will and trusts. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind after you have lawfully established how you want your estate to be administered and divided amongst your loved ones.

Doug Aaron provides comprehensive legal services for wills, power of attorney, living wills and probate cases in Coffee County, Tennessee including the city of Manchester.

Wills and Trusts

If you want to determine who will receive your property after your death, you need a Will. The will takes effect after your death and will need to be probated to be enforced. Probate of a Tennessee estate can be complicated. An experienced probate attorney can handle the complex portions of the probate process and let the personal representative distribute the property in accordance with the last will and testament, or if no will is left, in accordance with Tennessee law.


If you are the listed beneficiary/executor of a Tennessee will or are an heir to a Tennessee estate without a will, we may be able to help you. On cases we accept, only costs are advanced by you. The fees are determined according to the amount of work performed and are paid at the conclusion of the case.

Call for a consultation with an experienced estate lawyer, Doug Aaron, who is dedicated to representing clients who need help with probate.

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